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Google AdWords (PPC Auction Explained)

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Google Chief Economist, Hal Varian, explains Ad Rank and how Quality Score affects Ad Rank.

Google First Page Advertising

There is an auction that continually take place for the top three slots on Google. There are various elements that will affect the cost per click that you will pay. One of the utmost important auction elements is that your ads need to have a high quality score in order to pay less per click. Google implemented major changes in their Adwords Auction formula a few months ago, many companies are being penalized in their Adwords campaigns, if their "Quality Score" is low.

Google Adwords offer you the perfect opportunity to source high-quality leads from a market of willing buyers. Adwords technology allows us to target users based on their search terms, this will significantly boost both traffic and sales. It doesn’t get any better than this !

Not quite that simple!

Sorry to say, but yes you can pitch the highest bid for phrases and gain some great positions and traffic.

You can even setup all your campaigns in a matter of minutes, but without proper management you will find that your budget gets used up with no result.

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Effective Google Adword Management

The Pay Per Click (PPC) ad can be how striking, but with a poor website it's pointless.

If the landing page is not relevant to their search, customers visiting your website may be disappointed, costing you money and customers. In addition through effective Google Adwords Management not only will your campaigns become more effective in driving relevant traffic to your website. The amount you bid may be less than your competition, so you get rewarded for playing the game :-)

Effective Google Adword ManagementIn many instances your ads will appear higher in the search result even though you are bidding less than your competitor for a phrase.

When deciding who gets top billing among sponsored links for a phrase, the main factor will be the number of people that clicked through each ad. Preference is given to the more effective ads at the time.

If an add and the destination are relevant to the phrase marketed, then it is more likely to gain a visitor via pay per click, and one that is relevant and potentially more likely to become a customer.

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