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Google AdWords (Pay Per Click Advertising)

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The Pay Per Click (PPC) ad can be how striking, enticing in appearance and lure users to your website, but if your website is poor, then this may be pointless.

This is a very basic explanation of Google AdWords Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising.

What is Google First Page Advertising?

Adwords is a Pay Per Click (PPC) system Google has developed to assist you in marketing your products or services in the Google Search Engine, and its affiliate sites, via the use of a placed text ad that appears when people search for phrases related to your offering. The system is a pay per click system, this means you can dictate where your ad appears through bidding for a series of phrases, but you only pay the amount you have bid for if someone clicks on your ad.

Frequently Asked Questions

These are the most commonly asked questions and answers.

Where are the ads shown ?

The ads take the format of a short text ad that includes a title line, two short descriptive lines and a URL link to a website or a specific website page. The ad will appear on the page of results you decide you want to appear in. For instance page 1 for a search result.

The ads appear at the top and to the right of the organic search engine results. You can also pitch at what position on the page your ad will appear, through the amount you bid. Crudely this may mean the more you bid for a phrase, the higher your ad appear.

Why are top of the first page ads best ?

Research shows us that 87% of web users do not scan past page 1 of search engine results. In addition, the higher your website appears on a page will definitely result in more visitors to your website, as web users prefer to click on the ads at the top of the page.

Our PPC Management Procedure

The Pay Per Click (PPC) ad can be how striking, but with a poor website it's pointless.

We'll ensure that your campaigns are given 100% attention and you are not just another number. You are marketing your product or service to people who are already looking for you.

We immerse ourselves in business and industry

We engross ourselves totally in your company and industry. We do this to learn about your objectives, competitors and exclusive selling points to create a tailored PPC approach. The appropriate pay per click campaign manager will be assigned.

We work on your ad campaims continuously

With our amazing software and obviously brain power, we use highly targeted keywords and ad groups coupled with creativeness to build your unique PPC campaign. This will ultimately drive the highest quality traffic to your website.

Why are top of the first page ads the best ?

Getting your unique PPC campaign up is only the start. We work on the campaigns daily and continuously strive to improve your campaign in order to improve CPC and CTR, reduce cost and drive higher ROI. We do not simply want to meet targets; we want to surpass!

Any successful business will have a presence online. To help increase your presence, you should have an effective PPC marketing campaign along with an SEO and Social Media strategy will help business grow online and start driving in traffic that converts to paying customers.

Ask Us A Question About Google Adwords !

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